In 1961 9th congress of International Theater Institute declared March 27 World Theater Day. Its aim is «to strengthen peace and friendship between nations, to promote the cooperation of world theatrical figures». The first World Theatre Day International message was written by French novelist, poet, dramatist Jean Cocteau (1889—1963).

World Theater Day is the day of all theater workers, i.e. actors, directors, producers, sound directors, etc. 

It is celebrated almost all over the world. On this day many theater festivals are organized, various performances are staged in theaters.

Theater has deep roots. The word was derived from the Ancient Greek théatron (θέατρον), which means «a place for viewing». It was originated in Ancient Greece from the rituals dedicated to Dionysus. Two genres were well known tragedy and comedy. The actors were only men.

What about Armenian theater, it was originated in 1st millennium BC from rituals dedicated to goddesses Gisane and Anahit.

According to Greek historian Plutarch the first historically known theater in Armenia was built in the reign of Tigranes the Great in 69 BC in Tigranakert (southern capital of Armenia). Artavasdes II (son of Tigranes) built a theater in Hellenistic style in Artashat (capital of Armenia). He was also the author of several tragedies. «Bacchae» of Euripides  was staged there in 53 BC.

Many historical facts prove the existence of Armenian theater since 1st century BC. For example, in capital Armavir some extracts of tragedies by Greek authors and Artavasdes II were found. 

Every year on 27 March Theater Workers Union of Armenia organizes «Artavazd»  annual theatre awarding ceremony, which is an opportunity to assess the achievements of theatrical figures.



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