In the circles of ReAnimania; the international animation and comics art festival of Yerevan has took place an exhibition about the illustration of the Armenian Genocide bibliography, at “Art Bridge” bookstore-café, in November the 1st of 2015. As well as, the presentation of three major books, which were: “Prior to the Auction of the Souls” by Sossi Ghazaryan-Gevonyan, “Operation Nemesis” by Hoyt Silva and “Silence” by Tigran Mangasaryan. 
The opening of the presentation was held by the president of the mentioned organization Mr. Vrezh Kassuni. His speech was: “This year in the circle of the ReAnimania festival was published at least four books about the Armenian Genocide. Hoyt Silva’s book ‘Project Nemesis’ was presented in Uruguay at 23th of October, which has arrived to Yerevan at 28th of the same mounth. In the last twenty years the reading of the comic books has been more actual and agreeable around the world, especially among the youth. I am positive that the interest in this field is growing year by year in our county. It is also notable, that the amount of the participants in this year’s festival, is comparatively more the than last. And this is a sign that the interests in such work of art is in growth. Hopefully, besides Tigran Mangasaryan, we would have specialists from the new generation, whom will be authors of such publications”.
During the presentation, the vice president of the ReAnimania: Mr. Nersess Ter-Vardanyan, also held a speech, in which he referred that in the last couple of years the visual and technical worlds has seen magnificent changes, and  the evolution of the animation and comics art are related to it. In the beginning of this year, the book “project Nemesis” was translated into Armenian, through which we emphasized the importance of comic art in the Armenian bibliography. It is interesting, that in the recent years, a large amount of books about the Armenian Genocide has been released around the world. The number of these books is 360 in the National Library of Armenia; this means that there should be an equal amount of books in various countries around the world. Hence, according to this status, I think, this field would evolve more and more every year, and we have to create such books in Armenia not only translating them. 
In the end of the event, painter, cartoonist and animator Mr. Vrezh Kassuni expressed his gratitude to the owner of “Art Bridge” bookstore-café Ms. Shake Havan-Karapetyan, who has showed a huge support to ReAnimania’s events.                   
However, the ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan was founded by Vrezh Kassouni in 2008 to become the new start for the animation industry in Armenia. The name of the festival refers to the “reanimation” of 70-year old animation tradition; the first Armenian animation film was Lev Atamanov’s “The Dog and the Cat” released in 1938. The festival comes up with a fine film selection, practical workshops, seminars and lectures; hosts world class animation professionals and most anticipated non-commercial productions.
The festival became a platform for development and promotion of the animation industry in Armenia and beyond its borders. The aim of the foundation is to expand and extend the border of Armenia through the Art of Animation and Animated Films. Therefore, ReAnimania’s motto is; “Life is a Picture, Make the Picture Alive”.


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