On October 15-16, 2015 a scientific conference on “The Armenian Genocide-100: from the Recognition to Reparation” dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide was held by the joint efforts of Yerevan State University and NAS RA. 

The discussions of the conference included the following issues:

- The Armenian Genocide: history, theory, memory, and geopolitics.

- The Elimination of the Consequences of the Genocide and the reparation of legal and socio-economic problems.The reflection of the Armenian Genocide in literature and art.

- The Cultural Genocide "The White Genocide".

The languages used in the conference were: Armenian, Russian, and English.  

In the beginning of the session “The Cultural Genocide; The White Genocide”, Mr. David Kertmenjian has delivered his speech about the old city of “Mush” located in Western Armenia. The lecturer spoke about the abandoned monuments and the problems of protecting them. He also explained, in details, the topography of the city and the memorable archaeological sites of the area. He precisely highlighted the issues of archaeological conservation and the importance of establishing a virtual museum over there. Then, Ms. Anahit Asatoyan made her speech, which was about the occupation of the Armenian religious properties by the ottoman authorities, during the Great Calamity of the Armenian people. Afterwards, the spokesman on behalf of the Australian-Armenian diaspora, Mr. Armen Karamanian has delivered his speech under the title: “We need to protect our identity and language, otherwise the Turks have won” – The adolescent’s willingness to preserve their heritage, language and ethnic identity. 

The lecturer mentioned through his speech about the Armenian communities and their missions in the Australian-Armenian diaspora. After that, the session continued with the speech of the Russian-Armenian historian Mr. Armen Kazaryan. He spoke about the values of the Amenian cultural ruins on the Turkish territories. He also discussed the endangered situation of the monuments in Western Armenia, by referring to the initiatives of the preservation. In the end of the session, the historian Ms. Lilit Hovhannisyan made her speech, she presented the features of the legal-historical of Armenian issue. The lecturer mentioned that The International Convention About The Genocide; does not impose enough sanctions on the responsible side. To the international organizations, the conflicts which took place during the WWI, was nothing but religious collisions. In the finally, the opportunity of asking questions was given to the audience.


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