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   From the first years of its foundation, Yerevan State University gave a great rise to the armenological research, as well as to the natural and social sciences. In order to give a rise to the development of armenology in YSU, in 1968 it was offered to found a scientific research laboratory. This was held by the efforts of the members of the Academy of Sciences of ASSR M.Nersisyan and Ed.Aghayan. 

  The new laboratory was to coordinate not only organizational, but also scientific research works in the faculties of humanities, where armenological themes were studied.

  The laboratory was renamed Armenological Research Center of YSU. During its activity a great number of essential armenological research works were published and republished. In 2008 July 10 on the basis of Armenological Center, the academic council founded Institute for Armenian Studies, where YSU Armenological Researches Center, the laboratories of archeological research and Armenian historical geography and cartography, the center of Armenian-Georgian relations  and Armenian-Ottoman relations were included. 

The main problem of the new institute is to do researches in the following spheres:

-Armenian archeology ( Laboratory of Archeological Research)

-The history, historiography and bibliography of the Armenian Issue and Armenian Genocide (Department of Genocide Studies)

-The Armenian-Ottoman relations (Department of Armenian-Ottoman Relations)

-The Armenian-Georgian relations (Department of Armenian-Georgian Relations)

-The study of Armenological historiographic and source study heritage (Laboratory of Source Studies)

-Virtual Armenology (Department of Virtual Armenology and Information

-The study of historical geography and cartography of Armenia (Laboratory of Historical Geography and Cartography of Armenia after B. Harutyunyan

- Armenian-Kurdish Relations (Department of Armenian-Kurdish Relations)

The head of the Institute for Armenian Studies is NAS RA Associate member, Doctor of History, Professor Aram Simonyan.




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