YENGIBARYAN (Yengibarov) Leonid (15.3.1935, Moscow - 25.7.1972, Moscow) clown, actor, pantomimist.  People’s artist of Armenian SSR (1971).  He graduated the Moscow State School of Circus Art (1959). From 1959 he joined the Armenian state circus. Yengibaryan founded the Pantomime Theatre in 1971, where he founded new «Yengibaryan movement». Being a great master of improvisation he enriched the traditional character of clown. Yengibaryan  played in many tragic and comic scenes, as well as he played various roles using difficult tricks. 

His «Street acrobat»«Steps»«Umbrella»«Violin» are philosophical.  He was in the

 films too («A Path to the Arena» (1963), «2-Leonid-2» (1970), etc.). He was the author of «First round» (1971), «Last round» (1984) books. Yengibaryan  went on tours in abroad (first prize of the Competition of European Clowns, 1964, Prague).  Children's Circus studio was named after Yengibaryan (1972, founder and head of the studio is S. Petrosyan), the monument of Yengibaryan stands  in front of Circus  (1995, the sculptor is L. Tokmajyan).

Source - «Who is who. The Armenians» encyclopedia, volume 1, chief editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007, p. 368-369 (in Armenian).



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