Malayan Petros (4.1.1927, Baku-17.3.1997, Tel Aviv) is an Armenian artist. Honored Malayan Petros - Fair. National Gallery of ArmeniaArtist of RA (1983). He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Baku (1945), then in 1945-1947 he studied in the Art Academy of St. Petersburg, after which in 1951 Malayan studied in  Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts. In 1960-1992 he taught in Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts.  Malayan worked mainly in field of illustrative and printed graphics. Among his paintings are “Armenia” (1975), “Modern working theme” (1978), “Workers of Arpa-Sevan” (1966), “Workers of Yerevan Metro” (1986). He had exhibitions in Yerevan (1967, 1973), Warsaw (1974), Kiev  (1981), Sofia (1983), etc. 


Source- “Who is Who. The Armenians” encyclopedia, volume II, chief-editor Hovh. Ayvazyan, Yerevan, 2007.

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