Fetvachyan Arshak (1.10.1866,Trabzon-7.10.1947, Medford, New-York) an artist. Arshak Fetvachyan graduated from the Collage of Fine arts in Constantinople (1887), he Arshak Fetvachyan - Cathedral of Ani. National Gallery of Armeniastudied in Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (1887-91). He took part in National exhibition of Italian artists in 1891. From 1891-95 Fetvachyan lived in Vienna, St. Petersburg, where he became member of Union of Russian artists. During his lifetime he visited Armenia, drew Armenian architectural monuments, he created more than 2000 pictures drawn in pencil and watercolor. Fetvachyan painted portraits, pictures on Armenian history, mythology and ethnography; he imitated Armenian miniatures as well.  Fetvachyan designed frescoes of  St. Gevorg church inTiflis, as wellArshak Fetvachyan - Portrait of three women. National Gallery of Armenia. as took part in the reconstruction of St. Stepanos church in Kusanats Desert, St. Gevorg church in Armavir, he also made the altar and the  door of  St. Grigor church of Kars.

Fetvachyan achieved his fame by  the following paintings: «Eastern post»«Woman from Sassoun »«Ghevond Alishan»«St. Mark’s  Basilica in Venice»«Matteos Izmirlyan» .

From 1922 he lived in USA. He had exhibitions in Batumi (1899), Tiflis (1900-08), Pyatigorsk and Baku (1902), Paris (1919, 1920), London (1921), USA (1922-23), Yerevan (1956). According to his will his all his paintings were given to National Gallery of Armenia.

Source- Encyclopedia «Who is who. The Armenians», volume 2, chief editor H. Ayvazyan,  Yerevan 2007, p.-692 (in Armenian).

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