ASTGHIK, goddess of love, beauty and water in Armenian old pantheon.

The statue of goddess Astghik from Artashat (1st century, BC)

She was the lover of Vahagn. The temple of the goddess was located in Ashtishat
 (Taron),  and was also called «Vahagn's chamber» There were sanctuaries dedicated to Astghik on mount Palat (Andzevatsik), Artamet (near Van), etc. Astghik was considered to be the daughter of Noah, who was born after the great flood, and lived in Taron (Asghnberd). The Vartavar festival devoted to Astghik, which coincided to the memorial day of Noah's legend. That is why people offered her roses and as a sacrifice and sprinkled water. According to the legend, Astghik bathed in the narrow ravine of river Euphrates. She wrapped herself with the morning mist in order not to be seen. Astghik was identified with Greek pagan goddess Aphrodite and with the planet Venus. The statues of Aphrodite brought from Greece worshipped as the statues of Astghik. 





Source - «Armenian Brief Encyclopedia», volume 1, chief editor, K. Khudaverdyan, Yerevan, 1990, p. 288 (in Armenian).

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