ARAMAZD - the principal deity of Armenian pantheon; He was considered to be the creator of heaven and earth; he was the patron of fertility, the father of all pagan goddesses The head of the Armenian principal deity Aramazd on Mount Nemrut (1st century, BC)and gods. Aramazd was often characterized as «brave»«wise»«great» and «almighty».

The worship of Aramazd came from Iran (he took place of  the Armenian ancient principal deity), probably in VI-V centuries BC. The temples of Aramazd were in the castle of Ani (district of Daranali, Upper Armenia), on the mountain Palat (Andzntsyats district, Vaspurakan), which was called «house of Aramazd and Astghik». The festivals dedicated to Aramazd were celebrated during  New Year celebrations.

White animals, such as ox, horse, goat, mule, were sacrificed to him. Aramazd identified with Greek pagan deity Zeus. Persian pagan deity Ahura-Mazda, Roman Jupiter, Indian Indra. During the Hellenistic period  Dios Zeus took the place of Aramazd. The temples and statues of Aramazd were destroyed by Tiridates III and Gregory the Illuminator during the spread of Christianity in Armenia.

 Source - «Armenian Brief Encyclopedia», volume 1, chief editor, K. Khudaverdyan, Yerevan, 1990, p. 331-332 (in Armenian).


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