ANAHIT - goddess of maternity and fertility in Armenian Mythology. She was considered to be the daughter of Aramazd. She was called «Armenian lady», «Great lady», «nourishing mother», etc. The worship of Anahit was established from ancient times and Bronze head of goddess Anahitit is closely connected to the worship of maternity. According to mythologist Kreizer the prototype of all Anahits in Near East is Armenian goddess Anahit. The general sacred place of Anahit was in Erez in the province of Ekeghiats. That is why the province was called Anahtakan. In 34 BC the soldiers of Roman commander Mark Antony plundered the temple breaking the golden statue to pieces. There were numerous temples dedicated to Anahit in Artashat, Armavir, Ashtishat, Bagaran and in other towns. During the spread of Christianity  (beginning of the IV century) the temples of Anahit were destroyed. Anahit corresponds to Persian goddess Anahita, Greek goddess Artemis, Roman goddess Diana.

In the end of the XIX century the bronze head of goddess Anahit was found in Satala (Yerznka district), which  is currently in British Museum. In 1940 in Hatsarat village (Kamo region) medallion with the image of Anahit was found.

Source«Armenian brief encyclopedia», volume 1, chief editor  K. Khudaverdyan, Yerevan 1990, p. 183 (in Armenian).

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